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I’ve been in a writing dry spell for the past few years, mainly because I’ve felt everything that needs to be said has been, there are no more words left. But I still write in my notebooks and now I have a pile of them, so it’s time to start putting my musings somewhere. What’s been happening in Turkey has inspired me to buck up and focus. Whether it matters or not I’m going to use my gift of free thinking and the internet to make this blog happen.

I’ve immersed myself in this country, wallowed in its unpredictable and predictable nature, seen the beauty and ugliness, the random acts of kindness and acts of cruelty. When i walk out the door in the morning anything can happen, and I feel like I’m mainlining energy. If you like routine and unchanging normal this is not the place to live. And the paradoxes! They are everywhere in this country of many layers with histories civilization, societies and politics. Just try to understand Turkish politics and sociology, and when you think you’re getting a grip on it, something happens to throw off your whole analysis. When I moved here my inner political junkie and sociologist was activated. Reading articles and papers became a hobby.

And the city may have been called Constantinople the last time there was such a grande protest as Gezi.

Documentaries will be reviewed, seventy year old words remembered, observations and analysis of witnesses and scholars, civil servants and explorers have things to teach us. By reflecting on past discussions and points of interest they can shine a light of understanding on today. As they say, if you don’t learn from the past you’re condemned to repeat it. A lot of Turkey’s history has been lost in the transition from empire to republic, and so went its identity. The quest is to find some of that hidden history and those lost words.

There are questions to ask about democracy, progress and development, truths to be told and opinions to give. And a little bit of poetry.

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